Make-up Girls and The White Racist BMW from Ontario Seen on Atwater in Montréal

At the bottom of De Bullion street near the highway, Chinatown, and UQUAM, Mel’s Cité de Cinéma is housing trailers for Hollywood << vedettes >> – otherwise know as ruthless itiotic makeup girls for their post-apocalyptic movie being filmed on St. Catherine

PRISM is Prison, Dr. Farmer and Denis Coderre

The questions is, who has imposed the PRISM program and for what? Denis Coderre writes about homelessness issues rather incoherently in his book published the first trimester of 2021 called << Retrouver Montréal: Qualité de vie. Qualité de ville >>. His book,

Four Cyber-Criminals That Must Be Arrest

Before I get started, just an FYI that a Transformers sequel is being filmed as we speak on Notre Dame in Vieux Montréal and another Holywood undisclosed post-apocalyptic movie is being filmed on Saint-Catherine East. Holywood – who the FUCK do you

The Next Leader of Québec / La Prochaine Chef du Québec: Dominique Anglade

Joseph Léo François Legault, Christian Dubé, and Dr. Horatio Arruda are running Québec into the ground – using the Covid-19 pandemic, which was also laregely exagerate by people like Bill Gates, and the pharmaceutical companies such as Moderna and Pfizer, to make

The Tech Situation

So Matt Mullenweg who owns Automattic which is essentially responsible for WordPress is in Austin Texas and didn’t seem to make it to Montréal this summer, and Jeff Bezos went to outer space to try and get his AWS installed everywhere on